Women Can Now Stand Up To Disgusting or Distant Bathrooms

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From creation, women seem to have always been on the losing end, always suffering from one disadvantage to another. The most common one being to have to pee while squatting or needing to dash in the nearest restroom. Peeing can become a big problem for the fairer sex, especially if you are in a place where there is no decent washroom. You can’t just go to the bush like the men do and relieve yourself; you will need plenty of mental calculations related to security, etc. This makes it extra uncomfortable for women.

Well the problem seems to have been solved at last by this recent product that was made in order to help women be able to pee like men do. The product allows women to relieve themselves comfortable without any struggles regardless of where you are.

The product is known as Go Girl and is the ultimate solution to distant, crowded female restrooms or disgusting, and nonexistent restrooms used by ladies. This female urination device is also known as FUD. It gives the females a chance to urinate while standing. Some of its amazing features are that it’s neat and gives you a chance to go about your business in a hygienic way. It’s just as good as doing it the natural way the only difference is that now you will be standing instead of squatting.

Its user friendly, to use it, just hold the FUD against your body this will form a seal. Aim and then pee, Easy and very simple. That isn’t as hard as most people would assume, even that can be done by a 6-year-old girl. The device is pocket friendly and can be carried in the purse, pocket or even the glove compartment because of its ideally small size. The Go Girl is one device every lady should have when going for trips, sports or any form of outdoor activity. This gives you a chance to avoid crouching up in order to avoid those untidy restrooms that will surely give you some infection after peeing.

The concept might be new to many, but then this device isn’t the first in the market. Women from Europe have been using such device for many years now, and the reviews have been positive. The female urination device, Go Girl is made of medical fade silicon that is flexible and can be disposed after use. The other option is that it can be cleaned and then reused. The choice is up to you to choose whether to buy a new one or reuse the one you have. Precautions need to be taken during cleaning as urine is known to be sterile, and the product may come into contaminants during use. A very detailed cleaning process should be used when cleaning the device. After a few trials, trust me, you will not be able to feel the difference between peeing the natural way and using the female urination device. 

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