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Wikileaks began with releasing the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta. Several unbelievable revelations regarding the inner workings of Hillary’s inner circle as well as the US political system have come to light. As interesting and life changing as most of these have been, there have been some extremely strange emails in the mix. Some of these odd emails are leaning towards the influence of aliens on the federal government and Podesta’s own intense stance on the disclosure of alien life. But these were not the strangest things found throughout these emails. In an email sent to Podesta in 2015, his brother Tony gives Podesta an invitation to a “Spirit Cooking” dinner hosted by Marina Abramovic, a performance artist known for use of ritualized gore. This email clearly shows a positive relationship with the Podesta brothers. She even says goodbye saying “with all my love, Marina.”

Spirit cooking is a piece of performance art that uses animal blood, human urine, breast milk, and sperm milk to somehow connect with spirits. Marina, specifically uses congealed pig’s blood to paint cryptic, coded messages on the walls of an empty house and covers effigies of small children in the blood as well.

The first question is, why would anyone attend an event like this? This is where things get very intriguing. “Spirit Cooking” is a term first invented by English writer and magician Aleister Crowley. Crowley created spirit cooking as a “sacrament in the religion of Thelema.” Thelema is a religion founded by Crowley himself that involves worshipping ancient Egyptian deities. Crowley founded it after he was allegedly contacted by a “praeterhuman” or non-corporeal being calling itself Aiwass who dictated to Crowley a text outlining the basis of the Thelema religion. (is this sounding at all like scientology yet?) This “religion” is extremely popular with the mega elite is easily recognized by the use of the phrase that embodies the philosophical law of Thelema: “do what thou wilt.” One of these “recipes” calls for the practitioner to do the following: “with a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.” Is it a coincidence that Podesta emailed his doctor a few days later worried about an infected finger? I think not! Some have argued that the “spirit cooking” dinner was just another one of Abramovic’s provocative performances. Unfortunately for them, Abramovic is on record saying that these rituals are only art if performed in public. If they are performed in private, they represent a deep, intimate spiritual communion. It is extremely concerning that US politics are part of this occult religion whose rituals glorify gore, death, sacrifice, and sex.

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