Why You Should Pee As You Shower, According To Mathematics

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Well, it seems mathematics gives an explanation to nearly everything that happens in the world. Well, most of us seem to enjoy peeing in the shower the feeling can be great isn’t it. The feeling is liberating and also the fact that the rebellious adrenaline rush that one may be able to get or not get from the experience. But then mathematics brings a new reason why you should pee in the shower because it might after all be able to save the planet a little by actually peeing in the shower. 

Every time you pee you need to flush the toilet after you are done. Then the smelly poops also need large amounts of water to send them to the underworld. Urine barely needs the water encouragement, but then when you flush there is no chance of limiting the amount of water being used, hence the whole process will in turn cause plenty of water wastage. The average flush being done by a modern western style toilet uses 6 liters of water while an adult in a day makes an average 7 trips to the toilet to pee. This adds up to a total of 42 liters being used tin flushing in a day. That’s a lot of water considering some residents in the arid regions don’t have access to tap water especially in the developing countries.

Let’s make another assumption, assume that a person pees daily this will add up to 15330 liters of water being used in flushing the toilet while peeing. In the US alone we have 319 million people, in a year that will mean that the whole population uses 4.9 trillion of water in flushing urine. That means in one year the whole population in the US flushes away 1.97 million Olympic sized swimming pools worth in one year.

This means that the whole world is wasting a lot of water each time a person flushes the toilet after peeing. The mathematical calculation will indeed be shocking. This changes if these people could pee in the shower, this doesn’t mean that each time you want to pee you should take a shower. But it will reduce the average number you pee in the toilet from 7 to six or 5. This in turn will mathematically add up to saving 2190 liters of toilet water. That means that the entire US population will be able to save 699 billion of water in a year. This will go a long way in curbing the problem of inefficient water sources that has become a big global problem. This is partly due to inefficient use of water sources and manmade climate change. So let’s all start peeing as we shower.

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