When A Class Does Not Show Up To A 9-Year-Olds Party, The World Comes Through

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Gerald Hamilton has always been “different” and socializing during his childhood has not been easy. Young Gerald has been dealing with a condition that has affected him since birth and has needed several surgeries during his short life. While the skull expansion operations have caused some mental impairment, his family has always tried to make a happy and confident young man so when his 9th birthday arrived they encouraged him to throw a party and invite all the children in his class at his new school.

Young Gerald Hamilton was completely stood up. Although 12 of the 30 children of his class agreed to show up, nearly half, literally not one single kid made it to the party. No one was more upset than Gerlad’s grandma, Amelia Lara.

“At 3 p.m. he made sure his goodie bags were ready for his friends, he was dressed and ready to party. At 5 p.m. he was still sitting there not wanting to cut his cake because one person might show up, this breaks my heart.”

Although the ages of 8-10 are a good time for parents to teach their children acceptance and love, it seems none of Gerald’s classmates had parents that really cared about teaching their children to be better people. In fact, Lara believes it is because of Gerald being different that the children intentionally avoided the birthday party.

His grandma was completely devastated and was quick to take her frustrations out on the social networking website, Facebook. She vented about the situation and ended her post requesting that anyone who was touched by the post to please send a birthday card to Gerald. Lara was only looking to ease a little bit of Gerald’s paint by helping him celebrate with other people, she did not think the internet would come through the way it did. Up to this date Gerald has now received over a thousand cards, had gifts sent and even meet the Chicago Eagles. What Gerald really appreciates though, is the love. Gerald likes reading the letters more than anything. “He loves reading the cards,” Lara said. 

The post, which has over 4000 shares to date, looks to have gotten Gerald’s back next year too, as many posts are from people who claim they will be sure to send love for Gerald’s 10th birthday as well. Yet there have still not been any apologies from any of the classmates who stood up Gerald. “A 9-year-old should not have to go through that,” Gerald’s grandma has stated. I am sure anyone would agree with this. How would the parents of Gerald’s classmates feel if no one made it to their party? 

Although it was a rough day on his birthday, thanks to all the support since the party Gerald has gone back to his old self; a kind hearted loving boy whose good natured spirit could teach children and adults a thing or two.

“Last week Gerald took some of the toys he got and gave them to a special needs class at his school and then he’s going to the hospital where he had his skull surgeries and share some there,” Lara said. 

Way to go Gerald! Let’s hope for blessed Birthdays for the rest of your life and keep spreading the love. 

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