Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Nervous System

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Your nervous system is a massively important part of your body. It responds to external and internal stimulus. The nervous system is one that handles a huge part of your body function from breathing and hunger levels. Your body responding to things like hunger and thirst is responded to by the nervous system. It is a great idea to keep the nervous system in tip-top shape. 

There are a few different ways you can strengthen your nervous system too, by using certain foods and elements. Magnesium is a great thing to introduce to your diet. If you suffer from anxiety, worry, insomnia, panic attacks or hyperactivity it is probably a sign that you need leafier green veggies, legumes, seeds, nuts or dark chocolate. These foods are full of magnesium. Sunlight is another thing you can do to help your nervous system. You can’t do it per say, but getting more sunlight in your body is a great thing. Laying out in the sun will help you get more vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for getting better overall health. It always feels good to absorb the sun’s rays, but make sure to wear sunscreen and keep out of the direct light without it.

Another trick to help your nervous system improve is to do water therapy. Water at different temperatures you can regulate your nervous system. Starting with cool water, you can soak a washcloth or towel and rub the towel from your hand to shoulder, and so on until most of your body has retained the sensation. You can repeat the act with warm water and a warm towel. This can help keep the body guessing and give you a bit better understanding of how the capillaries and skin respond to stimulus.

There are some plants that boost immune and nervous system health as well. Historically basil, lemon balm, lavender and Gingko biloba can help out. Essential oils with similar properties can be used to help as well in water and tea. Speaking of water and tea, you can eat certain foods that have a correlation to the nervous system. Oatmeal, bee pollen and baker’s yeast can help to relieve symptoms of insomnia and restlessness the energy level boost happens too and you can make huge improvements in your nervous system in a few weeks with regular use. 

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