The Detroit Lions Win Another Close Game This Season

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If you are a Lions fan, you have seen them week in and week out in close games this year. Sunday's game against the Vikings was no different for the Lions. The whole game was a close one and the Lions forced overtime at the end of the game. The Lions received the kick off in overtime and drove the length of the field to win the game. Matt Stafford was able to hit Golden Tate on a ten yard pass, and Golden Tate was able to break a tackle and leap into the end zone to give the Lions the overtime win.

The Vikings started out the season at 5-0 and it seemed nobody could score on their talented defense. Since their 5-0 start, they have lost the last 3 games bringing their record to 5-3. They have struggled on offense and this week, they had a new offensive coordinator, but it did not seem to help the team at all, as they struggled to move the ball all game long. The Vikings once feared defense, has been giving up big plays and in clutch situations, just cannot stop opposing offensives from scoring and winning games.

The Lions moved 5-4 on the season and the Vikings (5-3) dropped their third straight game. This season, all of the Lions’ games have been decided by seven or less points. The Vikings are struggling and now they've lost their offensive coordinator. The Vikings are not far ahead anyone in their division now, and they must get better if they want to reach their goals of winning their conference and making the playoffs. The Vikings’ kicker has been struggling a lot lately, missing kicks and even missing extra points on a weekly basis.

The Lions (4-4) had won three straight before a 20-13 loss at Houston. The Lions have lost 16 of their 18 games in Minnesota. The Lions are looking to keep their winning streak alive and they know how big this win was for them, especially beating the team that is on the top of their conference. If anything, the Lions are learning how to win close games and that is so important moving closer to the playoffs, where every game is a close one.

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