The Benefits of Coconut Water

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Coconuts are great, aren’t they?

One of the most popular coconut derived product on the market is coconut oil, which many people use for cooking. It is extremely healthy due to its saturated fats.

But there’s also coconut water. It’s so natural and healthy that when you’re drinking it, you’re drinking it pure. It has not been processed. No additives, either. If you were to drink it for an extended period of time – say two weeks – you can expect a whole host of health benefits.

Like being the opposite of dehydrated. Power packed with electrolytes and essential minerals, it lacks the sugars and salts of popular sodas and juices. Coconut water also contains more potassium than your average banana. Potassium regulates heartbeat, improves nervous system functions muscle function. It also fights aging. Coconut water contains cytokines which help reverse cell aging. It is also good for your digestive tract, as its bioactive enzymes aid in digestion. Coconut water is also good for fighting constipation, parasites, and other stomach problems. Lastly but not least, it is loaded with lauric acid, which fights viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It has also been demonstrated to fight herpes.

So the next time you feel the pinch of thirst in the back of your throat, can the Coke and punt the Pepsi and pick up a long, tall glass of sweet, sweet coconut water. Your body will thank you.

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