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If you are anything like me then you have been wondering what happened to the one time national power house Texas Longhorns? For the past 5 plus years the Texas football program has been in the dog house and has not made a major bowl game. The days of Vince Young and Ricky Williams seem to be long gone. However, new Head Coach Charlie Strong had some new ideas on how to start the season and upset the number 10 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Texas Longhorns had a true coming out party on Sunday night.

It seemed that Sunday night in Austin, TX the Longhorns came to play and that showed throughout the competition. It was the first time since the 1940's that Texas started a freshman at quarterback and that decision seemed to be a great one. The Longhorns came out fired up and ready to play in their home opener and ready to show the country that Texas football is back. They sure showed the rest of the country that if you play Texas this season you better be ready to play hard.

Texas opened up with an early game lead in the first quarter and never looked back until the end of the game when this incredible game went into overtime. The Longhorns ended up winning the game in the 2nd overtime period. This nationally televised game was an opportunity for this Texas team to show the rest of the country that they are back and that they mean business. Even former Texas alumni were saying the whole atmosphere in the stadium just felt different on Sunday night and that it felt like the old, glory days.

As for now the Texas football team in on a high, which they should be after beating the number 10 Irish in a game that will go down in history as one of the best regular season college football games of all time. However they know that this is only the beginning of this long season and it will be a tough road back to glory. For now the Texas team is concentrating on winning their conference and getting a bid into the 4 team playoff. If they can continue to play the way they did against Notre Dame on Sunday night the sky is the limit for this young and talented team.

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