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The NFL opened their season last night with a rematch from last year’s Super Bowl. The game featured the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers and it definitely did not disappoint. From the opening kick-off there was a certain feel in the air and a type of atmosphere you typically only see in the playoffs. I think the NFL knew exactly what they were doing when scheduling this game for the first Thursday of the season.

Cam Newton, last year’s NFL MVP, didn't miss a beat and started the game out hot. He gave his team the early game lead and at halftime they were already up by two touchdowns. The Broncos were playing well but the first half turnovers killed a lot of their better drives. Their coach must have had a great half time speech because Denver came out ready to play in the second half. I think the key was for first time starting QB Seimen to settle down and get a good feel for the game. 

The third quarter was still a stale mate and it looked as if the Panthers would pull out a win. But the Broncos got serious in the 4th quarter and really put it to the Panthers. The game came down to a missed field goal by Panthers kicker that gave the Broncos a 21 to 20 one point win.

If this game is any indication of how this season will go we are in for a real treat. It also seems that both of these teams are primed and ready to make another push to get back to the Super Bowl. From what I saw last night both teams sure have the talent to get there. I know Cam Newton and his teammates are upset after this loss but at least this is the first game of the season and not the last. This is the start to another great NFL season!

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