“Smart Dust" Connects Your Brain To The Computer

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As technology has been exponentially evolving, our privacy has simultaneously been diminishing. The cooler these gadgets get the less we notice what it can potentially mean to our freedoms. We see a lot of it in the movies and while most of them are set as fictional stories, many of what is seen is in fact already being used without the public’s knowledge. As soon as cell phones started including cameras, suddenly there was now a camera in virtually every location containing people. We can now store our photos and videos and personal information digitally on a physical drive or even in the cloud. We have become far too trusting and as a result any hacker can now cause an extreme amount of damage. Little by little science fiction is starting to become reality and people are failing to realize that lack of ethical boundaries from what is being created.

The reason people have allowed this to happen is because of how slowly it has been taking place. Like a frog put in a pot of water and being set to a slow boil. We have sacrificed our privacy for convenience, and it is only getting worse. Recently the mainstream media has started reporting on something known as “smart dust.” Supposedly the dust is a tiny implant that has the ability of connecting the human and machines together like never before.

There are some people that have heard of the smart dust by now. They are nanoparticles that can be used as sensory network for security applications as well as environmental. The next step would be to establish a connection between a human brain and a computer. Scientists say that there is still plenty of time between now and the day that actually happens, but the fact that it is already in the works brings the possibility of either a very incredible future, or one that is going to leave people with so little privacy that they won't be able to have a thought to themselves without that thought being recorded and documented. Which future that will be will depend entirely on us.

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