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During each of the past five seasons, both the Seahawks and Patriots have been two of the premiere teams in the NFL. They even faced off against each other in the Super Bowl two seasons ago, with the Patriots winning in the last play of the game. On Sunday night, they met again in Foxboro and it was one of the best games of the season so far. After the Patriots beat the Seahawks on the last play of the game, in the Super Bowl a few years ago, it seems that they have a personal vendetta against the Patriots. To beat the Patriots at home is a big feat for any NFL team these days, but even more special for the Seahawks.

The Seahawks were able to stop the Patriots on the goal line at the end of the game, a scenario they were all too familiar with. However, this time the teams were on opposite sides of the ball as the Patriots were trying to score and the Seahawks were trying to stop them. The Seahawks stopped the Patriots on the one yard line four straight times. Super star corner back, Richard Sherman, said this to his teammates before the goal line stand, “We’ve been in this situation. We’ve been battle tested. We’re going to fight until the last second.”

The Patriots thought that they would be able to gain a yard and tie the game forcing overtime, but they could not gain a yard in four different attempts. The fact of the matter is that the Seahawks had just practiced this same exact scenario earlier that week and were completely ready for the situation. Four plays inside the one yard line and the Patriots were not able to score. That is an amazing feat for the Seahawks defense and a huge confidence boost for the whole Seahawks team. Head Coach, Pete Carrol, said he didn't really even have to give his team a pep talk leading up to the goal line stand, as they were ready to go.

“It’s what we do, we stay positive,” Chancellor told USA TODAY Sports. “Any call we get, we say we’re going to execute it. We tell everybody to keep their head in it. The guys in the front are going to get a great push. Guys on the back end float to the ball. And the guys in coverage keep your eye on your man. That’s what we do.” Again it looks as if the Seahawks are making their late year push to get back to the playoffs and make a deep run. The past few years they have been a second half of the season team and this year is no different. This victory over the Patriots will surely give them a huge confidence boost and is a signal to other NFL teams that yes, the Patriots can be beat at home.

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