Rose Apples To The Rescue!

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An old saying goes: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But are apples really that beneficial? 

Rose apples certainly are.

Despite what you might think, rose apples aren’t really apples at all: They are apart of the guava family, and are native to Southeast Asia. They were brought to other countries, and are considered an invasive species, since they grow rapidly and overwhelm local plants. They don’t taste, smell, or feel like apples, but it’s all in the name, so let’s go with that.

Rose apples contain a crazy amount of fiber, which is good for digestion. Fiber obliterates gas and constipation. In that respect, rose apples are better than Activia. Take that, Jamie Lee Curtis!

Rose apples have also been shown to help prevent the growth of cancer cells. They are packed with Vitamin C and A-, which blast the nasty little buggers responsible for breast and prostate cancer.

You know what else these bad boys can do? Clean you out. No, really. Rose apples are a powerful diuretic and can purge your kidneys of harmful compounds. They can even help prevent high cholesterol, which leads to a significantly reduced chance of heart disease. Though further research is needed, it is also believed that rose apples can help treat small pox and join inflammation. But be warned: Their stems and seeds are very toxic. If you eat those, you might die!

The risk, however, seems well worth it. Rose apples are crazy healthy and taste really good. 

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