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Richard Branson is a media and technology mogul. More than that he’s a truly inspirational businessman who has given people countless tips and tricks to get to the top. He has a unique life path and philosophy. He is not shy about sharing his successes, nor is he shy about helping others reach theirs.

Branson recently made headlines, when he said that he wasn’t going to retire. Not because he needs the money. It’s actually the exact opposite. He has plenty of money to go around, but don’t satiate the hunger to do more. Age is just a number and Branson is well aware that there is more incredible work to be done. After leaving school at the age of 15 to start his first business, Richard Branson realized that he was not like most people. In a recent blog post Branson said that retirement shouldn’t be the goal for life. He says that far too many people follow the traditions of life to make sure that they arrive at a certain destination. The actual goal should be unique experiences. Putting too many rules and structures on people makes them chronically boring. People who skate through and just fulfill requirements blindly aren’t the ones who go out and change the world. It is completely irrelevant what school you went to or where you grew up, if you use your knowledge to your advantage it might make things better, and more exciting. This is what Richard Branson believes.

Branson’s current net worth is around 5 billion dollars. He his a huge star in many industries and is the founder of the Virgin group. He even has his own airline, Virgin airlines. In addition to record labels and many other ventures he tries to help people start businesses of their own. Though he is 66 years old he has no intention of slowing down. Innovation does not have an age.

Branson has accomplished a lot in his 66 years. He is worth 5.1 billion dollars and is number 286 on Forbes’ list. He is a self made man whose primary source of income is his Virgin mega corp empire. He is married with two children and dropped out of high school. He didn’t take the typical entrepreneurial route. He his one of the highest profile billionaires alive and sold Virgin Records for a billion dollars in 1992. Reportedly he ran down a street in London crying after the sale. He has dozens of business ventures and those include Virgin Money (a financial service firm) and Virgin airlines (whose stylish cabins and quick, thrifty flights) have become a trendy vision of airfare for young people and the future.

He is number 8 in the United Kingdom for Billionaires on Forbes and he has moved up nearly 100 spots since 2015 on the U.S. Forbes list. He shows no signs of slowing down and doesn’t even believe in retirement, although he could do so at any second without an inch of worry. 

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