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I have always been fascinated by the Titanic, I cannot pinpoint where my enthusiasm first developed, but by the time that tear jerking film came out I was full fledged obsessed. In case you are living underneath a rock I will fill you in on this great ship and its tragic downfall. The name Titanic means gigantic in Greek mythology, the ship was built in Belfast, Ireland and it’s official name was the RMS Titanic. It was the second of three Olympic-class ocean liners and was the largest ship within the company White Star Line.

White Star Line was facing intense competition from their rival shipping companies and therefor decided to build a new ship that would be the largest the world had ever seen, the largest and the most luxurious. The ship had a total of 16 primary compartments that went far above the water line. There were also 11 watertight doors that could seal of the compartments in case of emergency. The Titanic also had a radiotelegraph which was leased to them by the Marconi International Marine Communication Company which maintained a 24-hour schedule handling ice warnings and navigation. The radio room was located on the Boat Deck in the officers’ quarters.

The passenger quarters on the Titanic were absolutely brilliant. This tremendous ship could accommodate 833 first class passengers, 614 second class passengers, and 1,006 in third class, as well as over 900 crew members. It has been stated that much of the Titanic was modeled after the Ritz hotels at the time. It was the first ship that was decorated to feel more like a floating hotel than an actual ship. The first class passengers had a gymnasium, a squash court, a Turkish bath, electric bath, and swimming pool.

The Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage on April 10, 1912 from Southampton heading to New York City. As we all know, the Titanic was south of Newfoundland when only four days after leaving port on April 14, 1912 the ship hit an iceberg at 11:40pm. The beautiful ship’s hull plates broke inward and opened 5 of the 16 watertight compartments to the open sea. Gradually the ship filled with water and eventually sank. It is not disputed that the ship hit an iceberg, but a new documentary is stating that a massive coal fire in the hull had started weeks before and could have really accelerated the amount of time it took for the Titanic to sink. Journalists have allegedly found that people were aware of the fire before the ship ever set sail. Mr. Molony, the journalist who has been studying the Titanic for almost 30 years has stated that he found actual photographs showing the fire almost two weeks before her maiden voyage.

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