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When people watched the film The Matrix people daydreamed about the idea of simply uploading new schools like Neo does in his training scenes. What if one could become on a pilot after wearing a cap for a while?

Now there is an electrode-studded skullcap that can speed up the learning process by transferring brain activity through electricity. The latest study done by the researches used this technique, which they are calling “transcranial direct current stimulation” or TDCS for short. It has been used specifically for aspiring pilots. It works by transferring brain activity from the expert’s heads to the novices in training. They published results in the scientific journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience which show that we are on our way as a society of totally disregarding hard work as a virtue. With this new life cheat, we can all be like Neo who, after a click of a mouse, knows Kung Fu.

Brain activity, when measured by experts, kind of represents a map in the shape of a skull with the electrical currents making up the details of the map. Experts will have a different map in their head then others, of course. The theory is that we can run electricity through our brains that could make the different skull maps match one another.

The process starts by the participant putting on a customized skullcap that matches the person’s head perfectly. The skullcap is fitted with electrodes and the researches involved zap the brain, focusing on the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is linked to working memory. The beginner pilots are zapped to match the patterns of 6 experts, hoping that afterwards the beginners would now have a more intuitive understanding of piloting at an expert level.

The results show that there was a 33 percent increase in skill for those who were zapped for four consecutive days. Training is still important and will not be completely replaced anytime soon but this could be a very useful tool for getting quicker results, and should be treated more like an aid.

The field is still fresh so who knows, perhaps it could help people in all sorts of fields or help people who have suffered brain injuries to re-learn what they lost.

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