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 Jennifer Weiner was born in Louisiana on March 28, 1970. She is a television producer, writer, and journalist. Her father was a child’s psychiatrist for the army and was stationed in Louisiana, but they moved to Simsbury, Connecticut when she was a young girl, where she would spend her childhood. When she was a young child her father was a very sweet and loving man, it wasn’t until she was in her pre-teens that he seemed to turn and become angry and cruel.

Weiner stated to People Magazine about her father, “He made me feel ashamed- it let me not feel anything. Then, of course, I’d eat and feel even more ashamed.” Her father had several mental illness issues and although she understands that he was not to blame for the cruel things he was saying, it affected her just the same. When she was just 16 her father left her mother and abandoned the family. Sadly, he ended up addicted to crack and heroine and died from an overdose in 2008.

Thankfully, this difficult childhood did not break her. She attended Princeton at the young age of 17 and ended up graduating receiving her bachelor of arts summa cum laude in English. She studied with many other successful writers during that time. Her first published work was “Tour of Duty” in Seventeen Magazine. Her second novel was so successful that it was turned into a movie, “In Her Shoes,” starring Cameron Diaz, Shirley MacLaine and Toni Collette. She also has a heavy Twitter following. She was named in TIME as one of the top 140 Twitter feeds in 2011. (There was Twitter in 2011?)

Jennifer recently wrote a book outlining her struggles with weight loss. In it she explains her issues and feelings towards food, weight loss and eating. She goes into her nonstop dieting and worry over her weight when she was a teen and in her twenties. She tried every diet there was with little to no success, the results just wouldn’t stick. By her late twenties, she fell in love and got married. She stopped dieting and thought her weight loss issues were behind her. It wasn’t until she was thirty-three and got pregnant that she gained a ton of weight and was incredibly uncomfortable. After giving birth, she gained even more weight. She got into the three hundreds and decided that it was time to make a change. In January of 2006 she finally had gastric bypass surgery. She struggled at first to eat many things and was very sick, but eventually her body adapted and she lost the weight she had gained during and after her pregnancy. For the woman who brought plus sized women into modern day novels and articles, it is quite the accomplishment.

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