Johnny Manziel Breaks Bar Employee's Nose

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Johnny Manziel just can't seem to get anything right lately and the problems are continuing to mount up. His NFL career has already ended and since then, all he has been in the news for is negative. He was once the most talked about and popular sports figure on the planet, making out of this world plays on the football field that had fans everywhere “oohing” and “ahhing” at every turn. That is not the case anymore for the former NFL quarterback and Texas A&M star.

Now Manziel is in the news again for allegedly breaking the nose of a bar employee in Austin, Texas. He has been in and out of the news lately for a lot of negative things and now there is more. Eric Newton, a bar-back at New York New York bar, claims Manziel became angry when Newton refused to serve him a drink at 2 a.m., on Sept. 6. Newton was talking about what he really thought about Manziel to another employee and a member of Manziel's entourage over heard him and went and told Manziel what Newton had said. That is when things went south very quickly for Newton.

“About a minute or so later, Mr. Manziel came downstairs, ran behind the bar, cursed at Mr. Newton, and punched him in the face,” attorney Adam Ward wrote in the lawsuit. “Mr. Newton then asked Mr. Manziel to stop the attack, and both fell to the floor. Mr. Manziel then got up and ran out the back staff exit before the police arrived.” Since then, a law suit has been filed, and it does not look good for an already troubled Manziel. Newton says that Manziel broke his nose with the punch and is planning on pressing full charges against the former star quarterback. Hopefully Manziel will learn from the incident and try to find something positive out of the whole thing. Manziel will not be back in the NFL anytime soon, but he needs to grow up and stop acting like he is back in college. All his actions will end up doing is draining his bank account. 

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