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The war of video quality rages on. 4K TV may be king right now but Japan is closing in on doubling that rate. High Definition has been a revolution as far as television goes, but the first 8K TV broadcasts will start in Japan on the NHK network. Their new satellite channel will be broadcasting from 10AM to 5PM and will show a mix of 4K and 8K content. There is no way for people to watch the new channel from their homes because the equipment necessary isn’t available to viewers yet. PC World reports that NHK will set up public viewing areas around Japan. Broadcasters will be live and people will be able to watch it outside of high traffic areas.

4K and 8K are different resolution standards and they indicate the number of pixels on certain screens. Recently used figures equal 1080p and full HD. Ultra HD is a higher number than full high definition and so on and so forth. Ultra HD is 8K, (8,000 pixels on the screen) and that is 16 times the amount of pixels than 1080p. The Japanese channel will be the first one to have this high resolution and the network, NHK has a history of pioneering new technology. Early adopters of this technology may think that they are going to be ahead of the curve, but they won’t have a lot of content to watch.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be the first movie to be shot using RED’s new camera the 8K weapon. The camera captures 8K images at a staggering rate: 75 frames per second. It might be a style problem for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel because of its CGI implications. 8K shots will ensure extremely high quality even with 4K projections. The modifications of the camera will give way to updates in streaming services, computers and televisions.

Netflix and Amazon video have both started to stream in 4K, but not a lot of machines support it. 4K won’t hit the mainstream for a while and that means that 8K will have to wait even longer. It doesn’t have an impact on the TV networks that will be picking up the technology. They are ahead of the curve, but don’t have an audience. Maybe these 8K experimental viewing places will give way to a new era of television entirely. It is always interesting to see what is going on in entertainment, and how it can become a more immersive experience. Once upon a time, things like 3D imaging and surround sound were the forefront of technology. Now retina screens and streaming are in the forefront. It is interesting to see that quality is increasing, and sometimes the screens look better than real life. It will be an exciting few years as this new technology takes over. 

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