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Atlanta is the capital city in Georgia. It was established in 1837 at the intersection of two railroad lines and arose as a city from the ashes of the Civil War. It has since become a cultural and economic hub of the southern United States. It is currently home to almost 5,522,942 people and is the 9th largest metropolitan area in the United States. It has had some of the most progressive views of the south. This diverse capital of the South deserves its due as one of the largest, most cosmopolitan cities in the country. The main airport in Atlanta, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the busiest (and most frustrating) airport in the world with over 101 million passengers shuffling through during 2015 alone, the city of Atlanta is much more than just a layover spot.

The deemed 'City Too Busy to Hate', a nickname the city acquired during a PR campaign amidst the civil unrest in the 1960s, features the former home of Martin Luther King, Jr, the headquarters of Coca-Cola, CNN, Delta, UPS and Home Depot, and one of the hottest culinary spots in the country today. Hotlanta is definitely one to watch!

One of the most celebrated and revered men from Atlanta is the legendary Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, whose wife, Coretta Scott King, opened the King Center in honor of her late husband in 1968. Now a National Historic Site, there are over a million visitors a year. Nearby is the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, which honors the state’s only native president. Carter currently lives in Calhoun, Georgia which is about an hour outside of Atlanta. There is also the Margaret Mitchell House, which outlines the life of Gone with the Wind’s author in the home where she wrote much of the story. You can get a double admission to both the Margaret Mitchell House and the Atlanta History Center, whose neighboring Swan House served as President Snow’s House in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The neighborhoods of Atlanta are seeing a renaissance as more and more urban professionals choose to stay within city limits rather than move to the suburbs, and there’s plenty of culture to satisfy both permanent residents and visitors. The Fox Theatre is great for both musical acts and Broadway. It began originally as ahome for Atlanta’s Shriners and was built with an ornate design in 1928, it is a site to see, combining Egyptian, Spanish and other exotic sources. There is also the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Ballet, the country’s first regional ballet company. Atlanta is fast becoming as the “Hollywood of the South,” so many prominent actors, television shows and movies will be seen and filmed there. Watch out Hollywood, the AT

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