Glenn Beck Quits Trying To Make Movies

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Glenn Beck is a controversial figure in the political sphere. Many people disagree with him while others praise his antics. Apparently he has been trying to make movies as of late. Let’s see how that is working out for him.

According to the Daily Beast, Glenn Beck wants to be in the movie business. Few people know how deep Glenn Beck is into the Hollywood Dream. He owns Mercury Radio Arts, a privately held umbrella company that houses most if not all of Beck’s ventures. He announced that he is closing a subsidiary that is specifically dedicated to film scripts and television projects: American Dream Labs.

He posted a statement on his website that said the shutdown was a divorce. American Dream Labs apparently needs to separate itself from the umbrella company to spread its wings. This is just one of the troubling developments in the Mercury Radio Arts saga. The company used to be pretty well off, but has terminated nearly half of its employees. There are 300 altogether and now less than 150 remain. The media industry is getting over the venture too. Cablevision dropped Beck’s daily programming and the online audiences for Beck have been dropping steadily over the past few months. The Blaze is another subsidiary of the Mercury Radio Arts company is in a lot of trouble too. They have been dealing with cash-flow issues and litigation. Beck’s former chief executive and friend Christopher Balfe was fired in December of 2014 to promote tech entrepreneur Jonathan Schreiber. Most of the litigation has been involved in dealing with that switch of power, and employment issues.

Balfe is countersuing Beck and claims that he is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in deferred compensation and legal costs for his defense against the company. If Beck wins, he pays himself.

Beck registered his corporations in Texas and there were several trailers released by American Dream Labs. They were all promoted like they would change the landscape of media forever. The video trailers were on and included a radical new Spanish language film, and another that would attempt to change the way Santa Claus is perceived. There was another that would show Johnny Appleseed in Claymation. Beck said that the studio produced 13 seconds of the Claymation feature per day after 14 hours of work. Apparently Beck wasn’t really that patient.

Glenn Beck is trying to shift from political commentator to ambitious entrepreneur. His American Dream Labs didn’t work as planned. When it launched in 2013, Beck claimed that 2016 would be the year for great things to come out of American Dream Labs. He was excited to share the progress of the venture. Although very exciting at the time the big things never really materialized. The site for the American Dream Labs content and videos was taken off line and served as a low-key burial for the venture. Beck said that things were cordial, but the divorce of the two companies could not be categorized as “good,” based on the logic that there are no good divorces. 

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