Fish Oil Can Heal Your Heart Following An Attack

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Health experts recommend that you should eat two servings of fish per week. Omega-3 fatty acids have been cited as the reason. The fatty acids are essential for the heart and brain to develop and function regularly. If you hate the taste of fish or have little reason to ingest them, there are Omega-3 fatty acid pills that you can take like a vitamin. There is a new study out there that suggests more good news from fish. People who are at risk of heart problems or have already suffered from them should listen up, and of course eat more fish.

People have always said that fish is brain food, but it is actually heart food too. According to the recent sturdy, having omega-3 rich fish oil can help reduce the damage caused by a heart attack and healed the heart too, helping it to get over the trauma it endured. The study was conducted at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The researchers discovered that heart attack survivors should be given fish oil supplements rich in omega-3 fatty acids every day for six months after their attack, or in prevention mode. They discovered that the oil supplements and nutrients enable the heart to contract more efficiently while reducing tissue buildup in the parts of the heart that have been damaged by an attack. It is really helpful for people who are at risk of having a heart attack.

The author of the study is Dr. Raymond Kwong. He says that omega-3 fatty acids are safe for everyone and this includes people who have already had heart attacks. This is an effective treatment that can help people get faster cardiac remodeling and fish oil supplements can reduce the risk of heart failure or death entirely. That is, if death is a direct result of heart attacks in some cases, which it is.

Kwong explained the nature of the study which took 360 patients who had a heart attack and divided them into two different groups. The first group had four grams of fish oil and the second had a placebo. The fish oil supplements were approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Kwong and his team used an MRI machine to check the hearts of participants before and after the study. The results convinced the researchers who took fish oil supplements had a 5.8 percent decrease in heart muscle scarring and 6 percent improvement in their hearts’ ability to perform and the inflammation has decreased as well.

All of the participants in the study were taking other medication though, and were kept under strict observation. There were health benefits including decreasing triglycerides and lowered blood pressure. People also experienced lower cholesterol too and this contributes to a strong, healthy post-attack heart that can heal faster than before. 

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