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 I am sure everyone has heard of Emily Maynard. She catapulted to fame when she appeared on the ever-popular television show The Bachelor during season fifteen. Audiences soon fell in love with this blonde bombshell with a sweet southern accent. She was given the final rose by Brad Womack, but sadly they did not last more than a few months after the show ended.

She was then asked to come back by ABC to appear as The Bachelorette. The Bachelorette premiered on May 14, 2012. The show was filmed in Maynard’s hometown where she and her daughter, Ricki Hendrick lived. This was one of the few times the show has been filmed outside of Los Angeles. In the end, it came down to Arie Luyendyk Jr., a racecar driver from Scottsdale, Arizona and Jef Holm, a businessman from Utah. She ended up choosing Jef Holms and they became engaged. They decided that Jeff would move to Charlotte to be closer to Maynard, but unfortunately only a few months after their engagement they broke up.

Emily had a difficult time from a young age. She was raised in Morgantown, West Virginia by her mother and father. Her father, David owned a coal mine and her mother, Susan was a stay at home mom. She was eventually sent to boarding school in Boca Raton, Florida and immediately felt as if she didn’t fit in. She was so depressed and suicidal that within a period of just six months she was hospitalized twice in the psychiatric ward. She threatened suicide and overdosed on prescription medication. She still sometimes struggles with acceptance, but has truly come such a long way.

At only 16 years old she met and fell in love with a former racecar driver Ricky Hendrick. The pair eventually moved in with one another in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sadly, only a few months after this he was killed in a plane crash. Days after this horrific tragedy Maynard discovered that she was pregnant with Ricky’s daughter. She was just 19 years old and a single mother. She struggled with self esteem and dating with a daughter, but eventually decided to try out for The Bachelor.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Maynard reconnected with her old friend, Tyler Johnson. They dated for one year before he proposed. She has been very public about the fact that they would remain celibate until marriage. The couple have three children. Since marrying they gave birth to son, Jennings Tyler and son Gibson Kyle Johnson. Maynard is doing so well, she has even written a book about her harrowing past called I Said Yes. She is delighted that she has a family of five now!

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