Eating Carbs Helped Humans Develop Big Brains

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A study was recently published in the medical journal Quarterly Review of Biology that has given a new insight on how to improve your IQ. Humans have much difference in terms of physical and biological anatomy compared to their primate brothers the apes. They tend to have bigger brains than the apes. The apes use about a quarter of the calories consumed by the humans. Studies have been made in order to determine whether the diet eaten by humans is related to the brain size that we have.

This has not been easy, that’s why an international team decided to come up with a theory and try to prove it. The team utilized findings from previous studies done on the same topic. The theory suggests that the early man attached starchy food products in his diet and this was able to give them a chance to have energy boosts needed to support larger brains. Well, this seems to be very interesting.

Humans tend to have a more variety of amylase genes. The copies of this gene enable the body to breakdown carbohydrates more effectively, hence be able to utilize the energy. Saliva and also the enzyme amylase help a lot in breaking down starches. The case is a little different with our primate brothers. They tend to consume more fibers in their diet and plants that have low carbohydrate level. The authors think that this adaptation feature would have likely spread over time, hence enabling humans to have bigger brains. This all was assumed to have taken place about 800000 years ago. Well then it seems your diet will ideally benefit your descendants and not you. When cooking was introduced into the picture, things got much better, the body was able to break down starchy vegetable much easier and hence extract more calories.

The human brain uses about a quarter of the total calories consumed by us, the study authors believe that, this would not possible without the presence of carbohydrates. The idea makes sense, but the only challenging factor is the time factor related to the theory. The timing quoted in the study needs to be fine-tuned enough in order to provide convincing statistics and make the theory more convincing. One of the researchers in the medical field while speaking to the New York Times said the time given in the theory is a speculation and the authors involved in the study need to fine tune the time in order to give a clearer and more convincing theory.

The theory indeed shows that starch is very important in our diet. 

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