Determined Man Digs Up Well After Being Denied Water

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Bapurao Tajne is a poor laborer of Kalambeshwar village of Washim district and was recently refused permission to draw water by an owner of the well that he usually gets his water from. Unable to tolerate insults thrown at his wife and the continuous feeling of being dependent, Tajne was determined to dig until he found water of his own. The entire Dalit locals of the village assumed that he had lost his mind.

Tajne had no idea how to build a well but that did not stop him from trying in the rocky terrain. Nobody had offered to help and villagers, including his wife, had openly made fun of him.

"I don't want to name the well owner for I don't want bad blood in the village. However, I feel that he insulted us because we are poor and Dalits. I came home that day in March and almost cried. I resolved never to beg for water from anybody. I went to Malegaon (the closest town) and bought tools and within an hour I started digging," said Tajne.

Trusting his instinct, Tajne picked a spot and prayed to God before he started digging. When he finally found water, he was very thankful that his efforts were rewarded.

He had been digging for four hours before work and 2 hours after he got back from work. For 40 days, he would constantly dig without any breaks and was determined to find water.

"It is difficult to explain what I felt in those days. I just wanted to provide water for my whole locality so that we Dalits did not have to beg for water from other castes," said the laborer.

After he succeeded in finding water and building the well, his wife and the villagers were filled with regret.

"I did not help him a bit until he struck water. Now the whole family, except the two kids, helps him as he deepens and widens the well. It is already 15 feet deep and Bapurao wants to dig 5 feet further. It is 6 feet wide at the top and he wants to make it 8 feet wide. We are hoping our neighbors will help us in this task," she said.

"Thanks to Tajne we get water round the clock. Earlier, we had to travel a kilometer to another part of the village and get insulted sometimes." said Jaishree, Tajne's neighbor.

Tajne has since been praised by many known people. A Marathi channel aired his amazing accomplishment and the Malegaon tehsildar even presented him with a bouquet. A Washim social worker even presented him with Rs 5000.

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