Colin Kaepernick Is Receiving Death Threats

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There has been so much controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick this season. He has spearheaded a movement of not standing during his team’s National Anthem before each game. This has brought so much attention to him and it is definitely not positive attention. He revealed today that he has been receiving death threats from many different avenues. Colin has stated he has not yet alerted the team’s security as he is not very worried about the threats he has been receiving.

It comes as no surprise that Colin is receiving death threats for not standing during the national anthem. This has caused major controversy throughout the country and the world. Wherever you go, no matter if it is work or the gym- people everywhere are talking about Colin sitting during the national anthem. This much attention is bound to raise eyebrows and get people's blood boiling especially conservative former veterans who have fought and injured themselves for this great nation. Although Colin claims he supports America, but is protesting the killings among blacks, football is so deeply rooted in American culture it is an act of blatant disrespect.

For now it does not look like the death threats have effected Colin and he is not broadcasting this to the public as I am sure he doesn't want these threats to get even more attention. In a statement to USA Today Sports, the 49ers confirmed that they weren't aware of any threats until Kaepernick told local media Tuesday. Colin has been keeping the threats to himself for now and he wants his team to concentrate on the 2016 season rather than his drama. Now that the season has started Colin knows this is a distraction that himself and his teammates do not need to.

"The safety of our players, staff and those who visit our facilities are of the utmost importance," said Bob Lange, spokesperson for the Niners. "We investigate and evaluate any and all security threats and act accordingly." When asked if they were going to heighten security around Colin after this has come out they said, "We do not share the particulars of our security practices and protocols." The FBI is now on the case and they plan to investigate these threats and see them all the way through. Hopefully Colin can get back to football even though the only field he has seen lately is the practice field.

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