Cam Newton Has Been Complaining About Illegal Hits on Him for Years Now

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Every week in the NFL, it seems as though there are players that don't agree with the officiating, however that is going to happen in any sport, at any level. The refs will never be able to get every call right and they clearly cannot see every angle of every play either. Although this year, star quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton, has been saying he has been hit illegally a lot and wants it to stop immediately. This was very evident in last week’s game against the Arizona Cardinals; as it seemed Cam Newton was being hit low almost every series.

After the game last weekend, Cam Newton voiced his opinion and said that he really wanted to speak with league commissioner Rodger Goodell. He publicly said that he was not happy at all and was upset with a lot of the missed calls by the refs. After talking to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Newton feels a little better about the situation. Newton told reporters he had a “great discussion” with Goodell on Tuesday and feels good about the possibility that referees will keep a closer eye on him while he’s passing, to make sure opposing players aren’t getting away with roughing him, as Arizona’s Calais Campbell did on Sunday.

Cam said that he and the commissioner each got their point across and that they agreed on a lot of issues throughout the long conversation they had on Tuesday. Newton said he realizes that when he runs, opposing players are allowed to hit him like he’s a running back. However, he believes that he’s not getting the same protection as other quarterbacks when he’s throwing. “In the pocket, that’s all I’m asking for,” Newton said.

It is safe to say that after this conversation, and Cam speaking out publicly, that all eyes will be on him this coming Sunday. Fans, players and coaches will all be watching to see if the refs will be enforcing ‘roughing the passer’ penalties like they both discussed this week. This is tough for Cam, because he is considered a running quarterback; he just wants to be protected inside the pocket like any other quarterback in the NFL. I am anxious to watch the Panthers game this Sunday, to see if he will be treated with more respect than he has gotten in the past. 

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