Broad Study Shows Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction

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Findings from a recent study show that humans are capable of causing damage to the aquatic environment and creatures. Douglas J McCauley an ecologist at the University of California, Santa Barbra, and an author of the new research that was published on Thursday in the Journal science notes that the world might as well be sitting on a major extinction event. He notes that there still enough time to escape from this catastrophic event. Together with his team, they note that the aquatic habitat is wild enough to be able to recover back into ecological health. 

Malin L. Pinsky, a marine biologist at Rutgers University and also an author of the study contributes to the discussion by noting that the planet earth is lucky because even though the effects are rising they are not too bad that they can’t be reversed.

The researchers have given a clear analysis of the health of the water bodies by using data from many sources from fossil discoveries, seabed mining, and fish catches etc. Many scientists have praised the finding as a wake-up call to oceanic conservation campaigns. They are clear indicators of how human activities are causing great harm to oceanic life, some species being overharvested. Coral reefs have reduced by a great 40% due to climate change. Records show that plenty of animal species have become extinct cause of human activities and many more are endangered.

A temporary solution would be limiting human industrialization on some parts of the ocean in order to allow the species to recover; another suggestion by the scientists is to set up reserves that species can find refuge at. The reserves should be made with great consideration to environmental change.

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