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The 2016 Global Drug Survey (GDS) took a poll of more than 100,000 people from dozens of developed countries. The GDS is an independent research company based in London. Their aim is to make drug use safer, regardless of legal status, by sharing information with individuals and health organizations. The survey yielded some intriguing results. For one thing, it seems that America is a singularly a potheaded nation.

Since weed became legal, marijuana dispensaries have been cropping up across the United States. For those of us who have been smoking pot for more than 30 years, it's still so hard to believe you can just walk into a store and buy some. Of course, that's what we were doing already, but back in the day, you had to sneak around. You had to visit bad neighborhoods and wander darkened hallways with bare light bulbs hanging from the ceilings and no signs on the doors. And you had to go at night.

These days, more Americans use cannabis than they use tobacco. Cannabis is second only to alcohol as America's drug of choice. There is also such a thing as synthetic cannabis, but most folks prefer the natural stuff. Rates of natural weed use between genders is about equal. However, four times as many men than women report using synthetic cannabis. Interestingly, Emergency Room visits for users of synthetic cannabis are 30 times higher than those reported from use of ordinary, high potency weed.

The message seems clear: If you want to get high, use natural cannabis, especially now that it's legal, if you care about that sort of thing.

The subjects of the survey were overwhelmingly white, heterosexual, and urban. Still, the data indicates changes in America's consumption of marijuana. More Americans are smoking marijuana now than they were before. Also, more Americans are using vaporizers. The legalization of marijuana is part of all this. One still might wonder whether there are more weed consumers, or just more people willing to admit they consume it.

Two main types of weed are indica and sativa. They are about equally popular with the people who were surveyed. More or less, indica is for relaxing and helping you sleep. Sativa is for creative thinking and calmness, among other moods. A hybrid strain is a mix of indica and sativa. The various strains have really cool names, such as blueberry muffin, purple OG, girl scout cookies, and green crack. Moods are listed on the packaging, on proud display in well lit rooms.

So far, "normal weed" remains the most popular form of marijuana, as opposed to high potency strains and resin. Some cannabis users claim that they use cannabis for "medical reasons," but that's just a catch phrase, really.

If you do smoke weed, don't go to Norway. A gram of high potency weed in Norway is said to be about $75,000. Actually, maybe we should go there to sell it. But seriously, this sounds like it might be one of those internet urban legends. It has also been said that you can get the best weed in Hawaii. Although this is possibly true, most street weed in Hawaii is of about the same quality as it is stateside.

In other parts of the world, marijuana and tobacco use seem to be on the fall. They are being replaced with bongs full of butane hash oil. 

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