A Shocking Discovery Made Underwater By A Rover

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The underwater has many mysteries that the human mind cannot be able to comprehend. The deepest point in the oceans found on earth is the Marianna Trench. Scientists and researchers have been known to send cameras down into its depths to make observations, studies and discoveries. The camera rover has proved to be very useful in exploring deep waters and even the shallow waters, not forgetting the deep valleys found underwater.

The water vessel is installed with very fast internet connection to enable live streaming online. Scientists, researchers and lovers of aquatic life can have enjoyed the event. In their recent study underwater the following things were found underwater:

1. Unique, beautiful jellyfish

2. Deep sea corals that will leave you enchanted

3. Crinoids/ sea lilies that are flower shaped.

4. A whole bunch of organisms yet to be given scientific names.

5. Reefs that are inhabited by sharks

6. Cute tiny fish

7. Less adorable fish

8. Amoebas that are grape sized

9. Sea squirt/tunicate

10. Epicanthus holding onto a sponge: a weird type of Anemone-like creature.

11. Acorn worms

12. A shrimp that had a parasitic backpack.

13. A beer can

14. A plastic bag

15. Half eaten container of spam.

Scientists have advised people to avoid throwing things into the oceans or in places that will make the trash end up in the oceans. Ocean trash is just as dangerous and ugly as any other trash. The trash can be able to kill aquatic life. 

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