A Second Layer of Information In DNA Found

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Janet Fang brings us new news on the front of DNA research. Red spheres utilizing 28 Constraints follow a pattern that mimics the DNA conformation in the nucleosome. This data is derived from the works of Leiden University Institute Lorentz for Theoretical Physics. PLOS ONE published their findings, and shows the mechanical properties that confirm a second layer of DNA.

A, T, G, and C associations are found in all our different human cells and organs. Researchers since the 1980s have proposed this theory and now it bears fruit. The very means by which the DNA folds and layers, relate to cell creation. When unwrapped, it equates to nearly 7 feet worth of highly compacted DNA molecules packaged as “nucleosomes”.

The information studied identify that the University can reproduce the folding mechanics which can now be predicted. The various mechanical cues could be predicted. There were correlations in studied yeast genomes, specifically baker’s and fission yeast. This can help identify how mutations occur, and the two methods can now be observed and predicted.

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